Mendocino Center for Spiritual Living

Our Mission: "To provide spiritual support and tools for personal and community transformation, uplifting the world one heart at a time.



 Mendocino Center for Spiritual Living




We extend to you a warm welcome to attend our Sunday Celebration, our classes and special events.

Our Center is a spiritual community, dedicated to teaching spiritual tools that empower each individual to live a life that reveals the full expression of Being. What that looks like is unique to each person.

The Mendocino Center has had a presence on the Coast since 1990. We are members of the Centers for Spiritual Living, which has its roots in the New Thought philosophy and can be seen as a religion or as a way of life.

We study the nature of our relationship with the Infinite Source and how it operates in our lives. We also study and practice how we can direct our thoughts and beliefs to create positive change. Ours is a practical application of the spiritual principles that govern our Universe.

Many of us are drawn to these teachings because of their practicality and inclusiveness. Our spiritual community endeavors to expand our vision to reflect our highest and truest nature. Our Center is a place to make friends, share experiences and know the power and presence of God in daily life.



Reverend Tanya Wyldflower

Spiritual Director

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Reverend Gail Johnson

Staff Ministr

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