Mendocino Center for Spiritual Living

Our Mission: "To provide spiritual support and tools for personal and community transformation, uplifting the world one heart at a time.


~ I am so grateful for the community here at MCSL!
~The Center has given me a place and people where and with whom, I can ask questions, seek understanding of Spirit, connectedness, life. Thank YOU!
~ The “Center” is the center of my spiritual Universe.
~ I am grateful that this Center is here because I would not be here if it was not and I would have missed the many blessings that I received because I came here. I give thanks for this Center & all that makes it possible to continue.
~ I’m grateful the Divine moved me half-way across the country especially to be with Reverend Tanya Wyldflower & the MCSL Center and Spiritual Community. ~ Carolyne Cathey, Board Member and Student Practitioner.
~ MCSL opened a doorway for me into "New Thought, Ancient Wisdom", as well as metaphysics and the power of the mind-body-spirit connection. The MCSL community is where I go to be with like-minded, open-hearted persons who support each other in our common need for spiritual expression without dogma or religiosity. ~Joyce B. Member
~ The Center provides a spiritual home or resting place as I make my journey.
~I am grateful for the Center – being with caring, open-minded people.
~ I am grateful for the opportunities to share together words, hugs, love, love, love…
~The Center provides a place of peace and acceptance. I am so grateful for the teaching I’ve received thus far on my journey.
~My Center connects me with others called heart community. My Center teaches me principles. I love my Center. It gives me tools to practice my abundant life. It helps me create Love.
~ I am so grateful for every person in our Center, for all increasing love and light on the planet, supporting each other.
~ I’m most grateful for how the Mendocino Center for Spiritual Living has embraced me and welcomed me into their group (for their friendship.)
~ Thanks and Gratitude for Our Center holding Sacred Space!
~ I am Grateful for each person at the Center, the leadership, the Love.
~I am also grateful for the generosity of the Center and all that they give and all that they do.
~This Center Provides a place for Spirit Expressing through many voices, many practices, open hearts and minds without judgment or dogma.
~ MCSL = Spiritual Growth, individual and as a group, through… Sunday Celebrations, book study, Spiritual Classes...
~ I am Grateful for Centers of Spiritual Living, that spirituality is available to Beings in the World.
~ I am Grateful for All the different events- my group, the Healing Center, the connections.
~ MCSL is a place where my kids are seen as perfect, whole and complete just the way they are!  ~ Chelsea R.- attendee